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Why Nashik Red Onions Are So Much Popular?

Posted by Admin on July, 21, 2020

Onions have different varieties of colour. White, red and yellow are some of the common options people often choose to buy. But among all, they particularly love to choose red onions as these have several health benefits. So if you are planning to start your business, you can source red onions from reliable and trusted Nashik red onion suppliers.

Red onions have a great demand in the market. They make a better option for several reasons. Source good quality onions for your store or company and meet the demands of our customers. But before you buy onions in bulk, you should know all the benefits of red onions. These benefits are the reason for their popularity.

Less Sugar
These onions have a strong flavour as they do not contain sugar. Several people out there do not like the sweet taste of onions rather they love the strong flavour of red onions. These onions are a healthier solution without the sugar content. It will not cause any trouble or health issues.

More Amount Antioxidants
We all are aware that antioxidants are helpful for the body. It helps to fight with the free radicals in our body. This means that it will fight off the disease and will slow down the growth of cancer. The vegetables and fruits that are darker in colour contain more antioxidants than the other one’s. This is true for the red onions as they contain more flavonoids than the yellow or white one.

It Has Better Blood-Thinning Properties
Rather than consuming medicines for blood-thinning, people should consume more onions. Red onions, in particular, have better properties for blood-thinning. These onions have better additional flavonoids and antioxidants as well as compounds of sulphur which work to thin the blood and keep it flowing, the way it should be. The white or yellow onions do not have such a strong effect.

It Has Agents To Fight Cancer
More than yellow and white, the red onions have cancer-fighting agents. These contain allicin and quercetin. These components help to prevent and treat cancer. It is seen that in oral, stomach, colon, ovarian, laryngeal and oesophageal cancer the rates reduce after consuming onions. If you eat half an onion daily, it will reduce the chance of having these cancers by 50%.

Leaving The Outer Layers
Several people tend to peel off several layers of onion before they start using the rest in their meal. The red onions have their outer layer left usually when used in salads. The outer layer of red onion contains more antioxidant. Therefore it is important to consume not just the inside but the outer layer too. Only peel off the shell and then leave the rest of the layers as they contain better benefits.

These were some of the benefits of red onions which attracts more consumers. Though both yellow and white onions contain plenty of health benefits, red onions have few better qualities which make them better than the rest. Therefore choose the best red onions and order in bulk from Nashik red onion suppliers. Met all the demands of your customers and earn maximum profit.

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