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The Versatility And Benefits Of Wheat Flour

Posted by Admin on April, 06, 2020

Common cereal grain and a major part of the staple food across the globe, wheat is the second largest grain after maize in the world. In India, it ranks second to the rice grain. Consumed predominantly in the Northern & Western part of India, Wheat serves as a major food with a lot of nutritional values attributed towards it. The wheat flour suppliers in West Bengal play a vital role in making this assortment available across the country.

Wheat flour

A powder majorly used for human consumption after grinding the wheat is known as wheat flour. They are soft or weak if gluten content is less, and hard or strong if gluten content is more. When wheat flour is mixed with a sufficient quantity of water, it forms a continuous protein network called gluten. Adding adequate amount of gluten is very important in wheat flour so as to facilitate the dough forming which is later required to bake or cook.

Wheat flour nutritional aspects

The wheat flour is rich in nutrients like:

• Proteins
• Carbohydrates
• Dietary fibers
• Vitamin A, B Complex, E & K
• Minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.

Wheat flour is also considered as a low-fat food rich in soluble fibers, which reduces health risks of heart, helps in maintaining the glucose and insulin levels in the body and also helps in healthy functioning of the gut. As per 100gm portion of wheat flour provides approximately 1400 KJ of energy with nearly 10 times more fibers, significantly lesser carbohydrates, 5 – 6 times more vitamin content when compared to rice flour and maize flour, wheat flour surely is one of the popular choices.

Different form of wheat flour

There are different types of wheat flours which are categorized on the basis of gluten content present in them which usually ranges somewhere between 9% - 14%.

• All purpose flour
• Bread flour
• Cake flour
• Pastry flour
• Self – rising flour
• Whole wheat flour

Wheat flour suppliers in West Begal

The state of West Bengal in India is known for its quality wheat production and presence of various wheat flour mills have made it as a one-stop destination for the wheat flour business. Wheat flour suppliers and exporter in West Bengal should always make sure of certain aspects so that the trading is always profitable for them:

• Selection of quality wheat flour from trusted mills that are FDA approved and those who follow the standard nutritional chart required in the flour nutritional value.
• Maintain different varieties of flour all the time which are having an adequate amount of gluten and sometimes on the demand of the clients, gluten-free flour is provided as well.
• Standardized packaging where the net quantity of flour should be present as per the quantity prescribed over it.
• Use of good quality packaging material so that the flour shelf life is enhanced and it can be protected from atmospheric moisture and rodents.
• Proper and timely supply from the trusted logistics.
• Competitive prices and ethical business policies to attract continuous business.

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