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Health Benefits Of Red Onions

Posted by Admin on October, 22, 2019

Vegetables are a very important part of a balanced diet. Each vegetable has its benefits that keep us fit and healthy. Did you know that the red onions we use in our dishes also have some health benefits? There are many benefits of red onions, some of which are discussed here.

A Nutrition Packed Vegetable
Red onions are packed with nutrition. They have minerals, vitamins, and fibre that are good for the body. Consuming onions helps in repairing tissues, producing red blood cells, balancing the fluid in the body, etc. They are known to be low in calories.

Beneficial For Heart
Red onions are known to control high blood pressure and improve cardio health. Since it is anti-inflammatory, it reduces the tendencies of having any kind of heart disease and controls cholesterol.

Ability to fight certain cancers
It is believed that eating red onions can help in the prevention of certain types of cancers. They have onionin A, which helps in decreasing the development of tumours. It is also beneficial in controlling the spread of ovary cancer.

Alleviate Diabetes
Red onions have properties that can control diabetes and reduces body fat. When the body lacks chromium, we tend to start putting on weight. Consuming red onions can help in reducing weight.

It has antibacterial properties
Extracts of red onions have the properties to fight bacteria and fungus. They help in fighting bacteria like Bacillus cereus, Pseudomonas, etc.

It helps in digestion
Red onions are rich in fibre that is necessary for digestion. They strengthen the digestive system and boosts immunity.

It can be easily digested
Red onions are eaten in cooked and raw form as they are easy to digest and also enhance the taste of salads and dishes.

Effective on cold and cough
Red onions are known to cure cough and cold. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, red onion reduces inflammation due to cough and cold. It is also good for people with asthma.

Purchasing Red Onions in Bulk
Nashik red onion is a well-known red onion. These onions are used in almost all the dishes that are cooked. Apart from the benefits of having red onions, it also enhances the taste of the food. Many states in India organically grow red onions and are also exported. You can find some of the best Nashik red onion suppliers in states like West Bengal, Gujarat, etc. These suppliers are known to supply red onions in an eco-friendly packing material that protects the onions from getting spoilt.

The suppliers offer the onions at a reasonable price. They not only supply within the country but also export the onions. Some of these suppliers also take orders in both small scale and large scale. For placing your order, you can contact the suppliers either over the phone or through email. You can also visit their websites to get the per kg price of the onions. The prices offered by the suppliers are at a wholesale price which is cheaper than what you will get in the market.

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