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Health And Nutrition Benefits Of Potatoes

Posted by Admin on May, 10, 2021

The world's leading food crop is potato (Solanum tuberosum). Potato is a temperate crop cultivated in India in a subtropical way. The potato is cultivation that has always been a 'mate of the poor man.' For over 300 years, potatoes have been grown in the region. It has become one of the most common plants in the country for vegetable purposes. They supply low-cost energy to the food of humans. Potatoes are economical food supplied by the Jyoti potato exporter. Potatoes, especially C, B1 and minerals, constitute a rich source of starch. They have 20.6% carbohydrates, 2.1% protein, 0.3% grease, 1.1% crude fiber and 0.9% ash.

Uses Of Potatoes

For many industrial purposes, potatoes are used, such as for starch and alcohol processing. Potatoes are also used in dextrin and glucose manufacturing. Potatoes themselves are transformed into dried items such as 'cracker' or 'sliced' or 'shredded potatoes.

It is a bushy herb with a very branched weight, typically 0,5 to 1 m tall with underground tubes. The leaves are strange and have a big leaflet in the terminal. It blossoms in panicles or cymose.


In nearly all Indian nations, potatoes are cultivated. Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Bihar and Assam, however, are among the major potato growing states.

Jyoti potato is cultivated under various agro-climatic conditions in India. The varieties should allow optimal use and yield for agro-climatic conditions. The northern hills, northerly plains, the eastern hills, the plateau and the southern hills could be identified as potato-growing areas in India. The rising season is the Kharif season of long days in the northern hills.

Health And Nutrients Benefits Of Potatoes:

  • Packed With Nutrients - Potatoes are a very good source of many minerals and vitamins. Depending on the type and how they are cooked, the nutritional contents of potatoes can vary. Baked potatoes, for example, add more calories and fat rather than baking.

    There is also a great deal of Vitamin and Mineral in the skin of the potatoes. Peeling potatoes can reduce their nutritional content considerably.
  • Contain Antioxidants - Potatoes are high in flavonoid, carotenoid and phenolic acid compounds. Those substances are used in the body as antioxidants, and potentially dangerous, free radicals are neutralized. If free radicals build up, the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer can be increased.
  • May Improve Blood Sugar Control - There is a special starch form called resistant starch contained in the pulse.
    This starch is not decomposed and consumed fully by the body. Rather, the big intestine enters it where the beneficial bacteria in the intestine become a food source.

Final Words

Potatoes are abundant in antioxidants and vitamins that make them quite nice. Tests related to potatoes, including better blood sugar regulation and decreased risk of heart disease and greater immunity, to a range of impressive health benefits. It can also improve digestive health and fight against symptoms of ageing. Potatoes are also really filling and can reduce hunger pain and crave to help you lose weight.

All in all, potatoes moderately contribute to your diet. They are also gluten-free, naturally, which means that almost all will enjoy them.

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