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Difference Between Brown And White Eggs

Posted by Admin on December, 01, 2021

Shell colour matters in the choice of poultry eggs and some people still believe in the fact that brown eggs are healthier or superior. However, the nutritional values are the same for White poultry eggs and brown eggs.

Here, you will know in detail about the impact of cost, taste, and health results on eggs. Additionally, there are some factors to explore about white eggs.

How Are Eggs Found With Different Shells And Colours?

The breed of chickens determines its egg colours. USDA explains that white rock, leghorn, and general types lay eggs in a white shell. But New Hampshire, Island red, Plymouth rock have brown eggs.

Araucana has green or blue eggs.

According to recent research, there are some reasons behind the pigmented extension of brown eggs. Just remember the following points.

Stain and age of the hen

Type of breeding given to the farm

Whether the hen has infectious diseases or not

Some stress factors would also decide the egg pigments

Brown Eggs vs White Eggs:

The nutrient level is every type of poultry egg is the same. Some research proves that Araucana hen lays eggs with less cholesterol levels.

Egg size does not interfere with the nutrition level or content, nor it’s colour. Jumbo eggs have higher calories than medium-sized eggs.

Another important factor we cannot skip is the farming of chickens. Owners must look after their food for having the best possible eggs ever. Producers should concentrate on vitamins, minerals, and the intake of omega-3 fatty acids as well.

Additionally, it is found that roaming chickens have higher vitamin D content in their body due to certain exposure to sunlight.

Which Egg Has Better Teste?

There is no evidence for taste as far as brown or white eggs are concerned. But yes, brown eggs are having more weight due to heavy albumen and shell. It also suggests that you will get less yolk in it.

So, an individual may have a personal view while eating the poultry eggs.

Which costs more?

As per the more shell life and more protein content, brown eggs are costlier as compared to white eggs. But a certain study suggests that white poultry eggs supplier in India is booming in production and market.

Hens consume more food while laying the brown eggs. The extra food consumption is also a matter of headache for the investors.

How to choose eggs?

People should have proper knowledge regarding quality and freshness while choosing the eggs.

The following points must be sincerely followed before purchasing the eggs:

Only purchase when the eggs are stored in a refrigerator

Choose eggs for uncracked and clean shells

Do not consider old or rotten eggs

Look for industrial-grade for marking its size and quality

Choose the eggs as per their usefulness and economical size

Refrigerate it soon after buying it from the supplier

Egg Grades:-

In India, the egg production industry is booming as people are considering it for their daily breakfast and evening snacks. Hence, quality checking is of utmost importance. Proper grading and separation of old & rotten eggs from fresh ones are mandatory.

For consumers, proper gradings like A, B, or AA must be there. Other considerations are also followed apart from its grading.

Check whether it is an organic or farm-based product.

Check for caged eggs as cage-free eggs are not nutritious.

Producers must be concerned about its antibiotic-free range.

Eggs must be enriched with omega-3 and vitamins.

Hence, health benefits are the same whether it is brown or white eggs. Know about more production methods and farming strategies for deciding the effectiveness of poultry eggs.

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